Press Release

  1. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Introduces PMD Act Filter in Partnership with Momentum, Inc.

  2. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Obtains Two Certifications to Evaluate Safe and Secure Advertisement Delivery
    ─KTAA (certification of advertising agency compliant with the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and Specified Commercial Transactions Act) and YMAA (certification of advertising agency compliant with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act and Medical Care Act) ─

  3. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Affiliate Launches New Bounceless Measurement Function Measurement System (Patent Pending)

  4. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Launches ValueCommerce Affiliate Plugin for Website Operators
    – Installations top 500 in first week –

  5. Press Release

    ValueCommerce First ASP to Launch Tie-up Between Shopify Application Affiliate Integrate and LINE Shopping

  6. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Launches Tie-up with Pay-for-performance Display Advertising Management Service Using Shopify Application Affiliate Integrate

  7. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Starts Linkage with a Shopify App Made in Japan For the First Time in Domestic Affiliate Programs
    Expansion of Awareness in Advertisers, Support of Sales Promotion

  8. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Forms Alliances with Solution Vendors for Initiatives against Ad Fraud and to Enhance Brand Safety
    Safe and Secure Distribution to Protect Affiliate Advertisers

  9. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Selected in Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion” List for the First Time
    ValueCommerce Selected as One of the Best 200 Companies in Asia With Net Sales Under A Billion US Dollars (Chosen by Forbes Asia, the Asian Edition of US Magazine Forbes)

  10. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Acquires B-SLASH Corporation as a Subsidiary
    Aiming to Consolidate Products and Services for Yahoo! Shopping Stores and Further Increase Merchandise Volume

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