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ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) is a company that provides comprehensive consulting services with a focus on affiliate marketing services, including search engine marketing services. As a result, there are many instances where we deal with a range of information about our advertisers and partners, and we consider it to be our very important social responsibility to acknowledge the importance of this information and to handle the information itself in an appropriate manner.

Regarding the protection of personal information that may allow the identification of a private individual, we hereby declare that we will specify, implement and maintain the following items:

  1. In acquiring personal information, the Company will specify the purpose of its use as much as possible, and will acquire personal information only to the extent required to achieve this purpose.
  2. If personal information is to be acquired directly from the individual in writing, the Company will provide the Company name, the name and the contact address of the Personal Information Protection Administrator, and the purpose of use, and will acquire the personal information only to the extent required.
  3. The use of personal information will be limited to the extent of the consent to the purpose of use provided by the individual. Furthermore, the Company will establish procedures for implementing the necessary measures to prevent its use outside the purpose.
  4. The Company will manage the personal information on hand accurately and in accordance with the latest methods, in keeping with the purpose of use, only to the extent necessary, and will establish reasonable safety measures for protection against leaks, losses or damage to the personal information in order to prevent and correct them.
  5. The Company will manage the personal information appropriately and does not disclose and provide personal information to third parties without consent of the individual.
  6. When the Company is to outsource the processing of personal information, the appropriate management will be undertaken by putting in place contractual obligations against leaks or the provision of the information to third parties.
  7. Any complaints or consultations regarding the protection of personal information can be addressed by contacting the Company’s inquiry section.
  8. The Company will comply with the laws and guidelines set forth by the government and other regulations that apply to the protection of personal information.
  9. The Company will establish a management system regarding the protection of personal information, and will review it regularly and make continuous improvements.

Established: November 1, 2011
Latest revision: August 31, 2016
ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
Jin Kagawa, Representative Director,
President and CEO

Inquiry section for matters concerning the protection of personal information

Please contact the following for any complaints, consultations, inquiries about disclosure and other matters in person, regarding the handling of personal information and the personal information protection management system. A prompt response will be provided appropriately.

Personal Information Protection Administrator,
ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
2-26-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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