Provides marketing solution from customer attraction to retention to maximize commerce operators‘ performance, “Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)”.

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We work with 1,000 advertisers and more than 700,000 publishers in our affiliate network.
Our network delivers an essential and cost-effective virtual sales channel to advertisers; costs only apply when a sale takes place or a lead is generated.
Our advanced affiliate technology enables full campaign control and tracking of the results.

Affiliate Marketing

You can easily receive cash back by shopping at top-brand Web stores and receiving points with Value Point Club. 1 point can be exchanged for ¥1.
If you are our publisher, more points are available for you.

“STORE’s R∞”, is CRM tool for stores in online shopping malls. It encourages customers visiting online shopping malls to buy products by showing the most appropriate coupons based on customer attributes. Stores can see at a glance their customers status, e.g. new and returning customers, and can choose which campaigns to send and to whom. It also provides a feature to automatically repeat the campaign once selected. By utilizing this service, stores can aim to acquire new customers, cultivate good customers, and increase sales.


“StoreMatch (ItemMatch)” is pay-per-click advertising for stores in online shopping malls and manufacturers of the goods sold at the stores. It increases ability to attract customers (consumers) visiting online shopping malls to store site by displaying ads in dedicated spaces on search results pages, etc. By utilizing this service, stores can aim to increase traffic and sales. It also allows manufacturers to effectively operate their ads as they can efficiently reach customers (consumers) searching for their products across stores.

StoreMatch Service

“B-Space” is EC operation support tool, such as web-page decoration, for e-commerce operators in online shopping malls. It enables e-commerce operators to easily decorate their website as popular stores do and reflect recommended products/ campaign banner, as well as showing reviews and purchase information in real-time. It also provides banner making tool and ranking analysis tool. In addition, it supports e-commerce operators to easily set up their own EC site and provides them with central management tool to control EC site and products, inventory and logistics, etc.


Brands become advertisers and use the retail media network to distribute advertisements in advertising slots held by retailers.

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