Our History

1996 March Transpacific Inc., predecessor to ValueCommerce, established
1999 November Renamed ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
Develops proprietary e-commerce marketing program and launches performance-based Internet ad distribution service
2005 April Yahoo Japan Corporation acquires 49.71% stake in the Company Tender Offer Bid, making the Company an equity method affiliate of Yahoo Japan
September Begins providing Affiliate Program for Yahoo Japan Corporation
2006 July Listed on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2007 November Acquires 20.3% of Web-based services provider JP21, Inc., making it an equity method affiliate
2011 January Acquires master patent for iTrack, an e-commerce transaction system that tracks user activity
2012 March Introduces Executive Officer System
October Acquisition of ValueCommerce’s treasury shares boosts Yahoo Japan Corporation’s holding of voting rights above 50%, making ValueCommerce a consolidated subsidiary of Yahoo Japan
November Transfers from the Mothers Section to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2013 February Expands access of its online shopping mall service with loyalty program site, Value Point Club, to non-affiliate program members
2014 January Jin Kagawa named President and CEO; kicks off new management regime comprised of executives who are expert in advertising distribution technologies
September Renews corporate logo and identity
October Launches ADPRESSO, a pay-per-performance Internet ad distribution service for smartphones
December Launches Gift Smart, a social gifting service that enables users to easily send gifts via SNS or online
2015 April Agreed to launch Inbound CLS (card-linked-offer) with MasterCard.
November Started to provide ADALAS, a story-form app install ad distributing platform
Started to provide PAS+(PASTAS), digital loyalty card service
December DIGIMIHO Co., Ltd becomes Consolidated Subsidiary.
Started to provide R∞, the marketing automation service
2016 March Made the transition to a Company with Audit and Supervisory Committee from a Company with the Audit & Supervisory Board
August Relocated head office to Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
September Launches STORE’s R∞ (Store’s R-eight), CRM tool for Yahoo! Shopping
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