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CEO Jin Kagawa CEO Jin Kagawa

Thank you for visiting ValueCommerce.

ValueCommerce has grown as an affiliate marketing pioneer since its service launch in 1999. Since 2005, when it joined a group led by Yahoo Japan Corporation, ValueCommerce has been stepping up its cooperation with Yahoo Japan Corporation in fields such as pay-per-click Internet advertising services to stores opened on the Yahoo! Shopping website.

DIGIMIHO Co., Ltd., a company undertaking the marketing automation business centered on R∞ (R-Eight), a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, joined the ValueCommerce Group amidst rising marketing demand in the expanding e-commerce market in December 2015. In the newly entered CRM business, the ValueCommerce Group is supporting performance enhancement by customers who are advertisers, focusing on the lifetime value (LTV) for customers.

In a further step, the ValueCommerce Group customized the R∞ service and offered a web customer services automation tool to stores on the Yahoo! Shopping website in 2016. This step enabled the ValueCommerce Group to cover a broader expanse of CRM territories, ranging from web customer services to the retention of existing customers. I believe that the addition of the CRM business to the advertising business gave the ValueCommerce Group an opportunity to pursue efficiency enhancement in a different direction, rather than merely as an extension of the approaches it has taken in the past.

At the same time, anticipating a social trend toward greater corporate social responsibility, the ValueCommerce Group in 2016 made aggressive investments in the three business foundation fields of management independence and transparency, management acceleration, and information security, based on a trinity of its basic corporate governance policies.

Building on these foundations, the ValueCommerce Group seeks to improve its internal and external performance and link the resulting improvements to across-the-board productivity enhancement by visualizing the everyday businesses of Group employees and fundamentally reviewing how each and every one of them works and how their businesses are structured.

The ValueCommerce Group is providing total solutions ranging from attracting e-commerce customers to retaining them. The ValueCommerce Group is aiming to evolve into a new business entity that is a leading performance marketing company in Japan. I would like to take this opportunity to request your continued support in the period ahead.

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