The information on this page is current as of October 1, 2023.

Safe and Secure Ad Delivery

The ValueCommerce affiliate program has formed technical alliances with Spider Labs, Ltd., which has obtained technical certification from world-class certification body Trustworthy Accountability Group (hereinafter referred to as “TAG”) for ad fraud measures and brand safety, and with Momentum, Inc., which maintains a database that analyzes around 30 million domestic advertising sites covering the major ad platforms (companies that serve ads).

These technologies are applied to all advertisers that use our services.

In addition, ValueCommerce affiliate program conducts independent visual reviews of all media at the time of registration and operates a network that only comprises the sites that have passed this review procedure.

New Businesses

To achieve sustainable growth into the future, we work to develop new businesses by clarifying the business fields, markets, customers and technologies to be targeted, and taking on the challenge of innovation.

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