Building Together
Building Together

Value Commerce launched Japan’s very first affiliate marketing service.
We have forged many safe and trustworthy connections between clients and media.
We take pride in having built the way for affiliate marketing.
That’s why we want to focus on the power of “building” to help our client and media partners grow.
But we alone cannot drive business forward.
We know that it will take strong relationships with clients and the performance of our media partners
to take business to a new stage. This is the vision behind “Building Together.”
With this conviction, we can provide exciting new channels and discover new opportunities for business.

Our Mission

To Create New Value by Information Technologies
ValueCommerce challenges mid-long term growth with “Innovation”, the capability to produce new added value so that it continues to provide clients with high quality service and results.

Our Vision

To Be the Best Performance Marketing Company Representing Japan
The market sees great changes occurred by progressing integration of online and offline realms, globalization as well as a rise of new devices like smartphones.
Changes create new business models one after another and also, big data such as consumer behavior becomes essential to effective marketing.
Even in such a changing market, ValueCommerce aims to be the best performance marketing company representing Japan by innovative mobile ad service and quick business development based on data solutions.
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