Your Success is Our Value
Your Success is Our Value

We at Value Commerce have continuously grown through unwavering effort and challenges in an ever-changing environment.
Our purpose lies in guiding those involved towards success.
Each individual needs to fully demonstrate leadership and possess the courage to explore new frontiers.
To achieve a more prosperous society, we will continue to be true pioneers.

Our Mission

【Efficiently Connecting Accurate Information】
By connecting accurate information, we create new value.
We aim to provide optimal compensation to information producers who derive accurate information from a wealth of data, pursuing the expansion of our customers’ businesses.
Through efficiently delivering accurate information to those who need it, we believe in supporting people’s decision-making processes and contributing positively to society.

Our Vision

【Creating a Society with Diverse Choices Through Cutting-Edge Technology】
Utilizing advanced technology, we strive to create encounters with valuable information, respecting diverse backgrounds, opinions, and values, realizing a society where individuals are provided with various choices while embracing differences.
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