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ValueCommerce Affiliate, “Most Valuable Partners 2023” Announcement!
─Commending the Most Outstanding Advertisers, Affiliate Site Operators and Advertising Agencies in 2023─

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, President, Representative Director and CEO: Jin Kagawa), in praising of advertisers, affiliate site operators and advertising agencies that have actively used affiliate services our company provides, as an expression of our gratitude, we are pleased to announce the “Most Valuable Partners 2023.” (Japanese site)

Please visit the special site for the “Most Valuable Partners2023” awards, which recognize those who have contributed the most in each category, as well as the top awards in the New Entrant and Rapid Growth categories and the Hall of Fame.
On the announcement of “Most Valuable Partners 2023 – The Most Valuable Partners”, we would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes.

Taku Hasegawa, Director, in charge of Marketing Solutions Business, ValueCommerce, Inc.
Thank you for your continued support of ValueCommerce Affiliates.
We are pleased to present the “Most Valuable Partners 2023” award to those who have used ValueCommerce Affiliates vigorously throughout the year.
Due to recent legal changes, there have been more than a few changes in the environment surrounding affiliate advertising.
We believe that our media network has been able to maintain its soundness and continue to grow because of the support of our affiliates who have responded to these changes and seized the opportunities presented by them.
We will continue to value our cooperative relationship with you and provide you with services that you can use with confidence in the future. Thank you for your continued support.

Hidetoshi Ogata, General Manager, Affiliate Planning Office, ValueCommerce, Inc.
Thank you for your continued support of ValueCommerce Affiliates. We would like to thank and congratulate all of you who have worked with us as our partners to enhance the value of affiliate advertising.
Last year was a year of major updates for affiliate networks with the introduction of stealth marketing regulations. We will continue to make updates to maintain and enhance our service so that we can deliver even more new value to our affiliates.
Thank you for your continued support of ValueCommerce Affiliates.

Yu Tsunoda, General Manager, Affiliate Sales Division, ValueCommerce, Inc.
We would like to thank all of the nominees for their continued use of the ValueCommerce Affiliate Program. We would also like to extend our congratulations to the award winners.
We would like to grow this ecosystem together with you by “supporting consumers’ decision making,” “maximizing advertisers’ marketing effectiveness,” and “providing optimal compensation to the media.
We will continue to take on the challenge of expanding the market in a safe and secure manner.

[About ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.]
ValueCommerce has two strong axes: “Customer attraction” to EC websites through affiliate marketing (performance marketing) and “sales promotion” through pay-per-click advertisement within the digital mall and EC site management tools. We are a performance-based marketing company that provides total solutions from “customer attraction” to “sales promotion”, helping Ecommerce businesses maximize their profits.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. Public Relations Office

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