Press Release


  1. Press Release

    Digimiho Corporation becoming Consolidated Subsidiary
    -ValueCommerce Starts to Provide R∞, the CRM system –
    -ValueCommerce is to Provide Marketing Automation Service to Build Customer Loyalty-
    -ValueCommerce helps Yahoo! JAPAN to support stores on Yahoo! Shopping, for marketing-

  2. Press Release

    ValueCommerce started to provide DIETTA, Diet Review and Weight loss journal Website
    -Best Way to Find Diet plans that suits you and share your experience while recording your progress-
    URL: smartphone)

  3. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Started to Provide Digital Loyalty Card Service, PAS+(PASTAS)
    -Get Rewarded by Touching a PAS+ stamp to Smartphone without Apps or Paper Card-
    -a Solution to Encourage the Customers’ Visit and to Increase Customer Loyalty-

  4. Press Release

    ValueCommerce started to provide ADALAS,
    a Story-Form App Install Ad Distributing Platform
    -enables new apps to reach active app users –

  5. Press Release

    ValueCommerce and MasterCard
    to Launch Inbound Business-to-business Marketing Service
    Will Help Inbound Businesses Strengthen Relationships with Customers Who Visit Japan

  6. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Partnered with Clipix
    -To Expand Service Sales and Develop Products Collaboratively-

  7. Press Release

    ValueCommerce announces Business Partnership with Ve Japan
    – For Online Conversion Solution to drive Higher Performance and Revenue –

  8. Press Release

    Nissen joins ValueCommerce’s Affiliate Marketing Network

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