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ValueCommerce and Geniee Partners in the Retail Media Domain

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Jin Kagawa), partnered with Geniee, Inc. (HQ: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tomoaki Kudo), developer and operator of GENIEE RMP (Retail Media Platform), a revenue maximization platform for retail media, on May 17, 2023. From this, both companies will utilize their solutions related to its advertisement distribution service business to expand their offerings in retail media construction, acquire new customers and provide new services.

【About Retail Media】
Recently, cookie regulations have been strengthened from the perspective of privacy protection, and the question is how to deliver advertisements without using “third party data”*1. Among these methods, retail media is beginning to attract attention.

Retail media is an advertising medium offered in e-commerce web advertisements and retail signage advertisements. Based on the customer’s membership information and other data, it is possible to deliver advertisements that match the customer’s needs through the use of so-called “first party data”, such as purchase history and behavioral data.  Retail media has already spread widely overseas, but it is also spreading domestically and it is predicted to expand to an 80.5 billion yen market in three years*2.

【Future Outlook】
Through this partnership with GENIEE, ValueCommerce will utilize the know-how it has cultivated until now in performance marketing in the e-commerce domain to contribute to the business development of retail and e-commerce businesses as well as manufacturers who are advertisers, through retail media.Service details and case studies will be announced in a future press release.

*¹ Third Party data: Used to track browsing history across multiple sites, and the information is used to link to various data
*² Based on “Retail Media Advertising Market Research Conducted” by CARTA HOLDINGS, INC.

【About Geniee, Inc.】
Based on the two company purposes of “creating a world where anyone can succeed at marketing” and “serving Japan and Asia as a Japan-based global technology company”, Geniee is a marketing technology company that develops and provides solutions that lead to the resolutions of various challenges such as increasing revenue and improving productivity.

【About ValueCommerce Co., Ltd】
ValueCommerce has two strong axes: “Customer attraction” to EC websites through affiliate marketing (performance marketing) and “sales promotion” through pay-per-click advertisement within the digital mall and EC site management tools. ValueCommerce is a performance-based marketing company that provides total solutions from “customer attraction” to “customer retention”, helping e-commerce businesses maximize their profits.


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