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ValueCommerce Affiliate, “Media Awards First Half of 2023” Announcement of Results
─This is What Makes an Exceptional Website!─

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, President, Representative Director and CEO: Jin Kagawa), has been receiving applications beginning in September, 2023, for the “Media Awards First Half of 2023”, and through rigorous examination, has selected all of the 16 websites. This time, the Media Awards received applications from many people, including those who recently started affiliate marketing. Among them, we are proud to introduce each of the websites which have been selected for each award.

   (Japanese site)

●Comprehensive Award:Commending excellent websites that have received the most number of orders and remuneration between January, 2023 and June, 2023
First Place  Special Offers☆Koiwai notebook
Second Place Amari news
Third Place  SatsuLog~Johnny’s Sapporo Blog~
Benefits:We will establish a contact for media sales consultation
exclusive to all the winners.
●Growth Award:Awarded to sites with outstanding compensation and number of orders from January, 2022 to June, 2022 versus January, 2023 to June, 2023.
First Place  Haggy’s Travel Info
Second Place  Cotohaha trip
Third Place  Shigetoroku
●New Face Award:Websites that have newly registered between January, 2022 and , June, 2023 are eligible. Commending excellent websites that have received the most number of orders and remuneration and are most likely to grow in the future.
First Place  Kaji time
Second Place  Whisky Roundup
Third Place  Ingen Blog Adult Adventures, Travel, and Gourmet Travel and Gourmet Food for Vitality and Beauty!
Fourth Place  A blog to enjoy Okinawan life
Fifth Place  Naze naze solution team
Benefit:Website diagnosis by veteran affiliate, “Kankichi.”
●Category Award:Commending excellent websites within targeted categories that have received the most number of orders and remuneration between January, 2023 and June, 2023.
【BtoB and Web Services】cotohaha trip
【PC, Electronics and Software】3DCAD PC Spec Guide
【Shopping and Auction】tomica gogo information center
【Dining and Gourmet】Ayu-hime Kuidaore journal
【Employment, Job Change and Part-Time Jobs】Teacher Life Navi
【Travel】Haggy’s Travel Info
【Finance】Mochii’s Scandinavian Life

【Comments from Winners (Excerpt)】
●Comprehensive Award, First Place:Thank you very much for this great award, which is a great honor. We would like to thank all of you who support us on a daily basis. We will continue to update our website with our antennae up so that our readers can shop at the best prices. (Special Offers☆Koiwai notebook)

●Growth Award, First Place:This was a great encouragement to us, as earnings have been difficult in recent years. With the recent increase in the number of domestic as well as international travelers, we will continue to make use of our experience and continue to produce articles that will be useful to our readers. (Haggy’s Travel Info)

●New Face Award, First Place:There are so many great blogs out there. I still can’t believe it, but after all the trial and error I went through in running a blog for the first time, receiving this recognition has given me confidence. There are still many things I have yet to accomplish, but I will continue to work hard to improve my blog. (Kaji time)

For comments from all the winners, please visit our special site.

【About the Media Awards】
At ValueCommerce Affiliate, we hold the “Media Awards” twice a year, which is a gateway to success, commending proven affiliate marketing websites. Affiliates who have received this award have since grown further, which we have seen continuing on the path to becoming a top affiliate. ValueCommerce, a pioneer in affiliate marketing website service, will continue to support the efforts of individual affiliates.

【About ValueCommerce Co., Ltd】
ValueCommerce has two strong axes: “Customer attraction” to EC websites through affiliate marketing (performance marketing) and “sales promotion” through pay-per-click advertisement within the digital mall and EC site management tools. We are a performance-based marketing company that provides total solutions from “customer attraction” to “sales promotion”, helping Ecommerce businesses maximize their profits.

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