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ValueCommerce Joins the New Trend of Retail Advertising Media with Launch of “Retail Linker” Retail Media Network Service, Connecting Retailers and Manufacturers!

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President, Representative Director and CEO: Jin Kagawa) launched a new service, Retail Linker, on December 14, 2023. This new retail media network service connects retailers and e-commerce operators with manufacturers and brands. The service delivers brand and manufacturer advertisements to advertising areas within the e-commerce sites of retailers, maximizing revenue for both parties. Over the years, ValueCommerce has developed a long track record and solid reputation in the e-commerce field. It has dedicated itself to supporting business growth for retailers, e-commerce operators, brands, and manufacturers.

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[Overview of the service]
With Retail Linker, brands and manufacturers become advertisers, running their advertisements within retailers’ media advertising areas via our retail media network.
This new service offers three advertisement options, depending on the type of media content: display advertisements, PR advertisements, and search-linked advertisements.

Display advertisements are displayed as banners on e-commerce sites’ top pages, category pages, and the like. The page arrived at by clicking one of these banner images is created by the advertiser.
PR advertisements are delivered by creating and placing advertising areas for products the advertiser wishes to showcase. In the future, for this advertisement delivery, we plan to use e-commerce site data, such as category information, purchase histories, products which are frequently purchased together, and the like.
Search-linked advertisements are advertisements linked to search keywords, shown at the top of the search results page when a user performs a search within a retailer’s e-commerce site. The products that are displayed blend into the search results, which contributes to higher conversion rates.

[The strengths of Retail Linker]
With Retail Linker, brands and manufacturers (advertisers) can deliver advertisements via our retail media network to multiple e-commerce sites, either for across-the-board or targeted advertising. Advertisement delivery configuration, delivery, results analysis, and the like are done using the management screen, making it easy even for people without advertising experience or specialized knowledge. Advertising effectiveness can be evaluated and analyzed from different perspectives, so advertising campaigns can be made even more effective.

Retailers and e-commerce operators can generate advertising revenue by showing brand and manufacturer advertisements on their own e-commerce sites. Posting advertisements on ones e-commerce site is as easy as embedding a Retail Linker ad delivery tag on the page, so startup can be performed quickly and involves no special development costs.

[Future outlook]
The retail media market is a new, trending advertising market that uses retailers’ purchasing data. It is rapidly growing both in Japan and overseas. Through Retail Linker, ValueCommerce will establish connections with consumers, retailers, brands, and manufacturers that use retail media, enriching society.

[Notes and terminology]
* 1st party data: Information collected by retailers from consumers (customers) within the parameters permitted by the consumers. This data can be used in marketing activities. Specifically, it refers to purchasing data for brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites, membership data, store visit records, and the like.

Retail media: Advertising media delivered via e-commerce websites, retail store signage, and the like.

[About ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.]
ValueCommerce has two strong axes: “Customer attraction” to EC websites through affiliate marketing (performance marketing) and “sales promotion” through pay-per-click advertisement within the digital mall and EC site management tools. We are a performance-based marketing company that provides total solutions from “customer attraction” to “sales promotion”, helping Ecommerce businesses maximize their profits.

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