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ValueCommerce Starts Providing Smartphone App Advertising — Enables placement of affiliate ads in smartphone apps —

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. today announced that it has begun providing smartphone app ads.

Smartphone app ads are affiliate ads that can be placed in smartphone applications. Advertising will be offered in the form of app-to-app, which directs users to install an app, and app-to-web, which steers users to a website. This means that e-commerce sites can attract users from apps as well as websites, and app developers can place affiliate ads in the apps they have developed themselves.


APP to APP Image

An affiliate ad is displayed within a smartphone app and opens the Android Market or App Store when clicked. The Cost per Install (CPI) model is adopted for App-to-App advertising, meaning an advertiser pays for each time the designated app is installed and run for the first time.


APP to Web Image

An affiliate ad is displayed within a smartphone app and displays a website when clicked. Like the existing affiliate mechanism, an advertiser pays when actions such as product purchase or brochure requests occur on the website.

Two types of affiliate ads can be placed, image-based and text-based ads.*3

*1 “iPhone” is trademark of Apple Inc.
*2 “Android” is trademark of Google Inc.
*3 “Visit the following link for detailed information about image and text-based ads for smartphones.

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