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ValueCommerce Signs an Agreement on Joint Business with South Korea’s kt mhows: – To Jointly Operate a Social Gift Service* in Japan –

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co. Ltd. announced today that it has signed an agreement for a business partnership that will allow it to operate a joint business involving a social gift service in Japan with kt mhows Co. Ltd., a company based in Seoul, South Korea (Representative Director, Min Tae Ki: hereinafter “kt mhows”).

ValueCommerce/ kt mhows

kt mhows is a subsidiary of the KT Corporation (Head Office: Seoul; CEO: Hwang, Chang-Gyu). Set up in 2004, this is a major South Korean mobile communications group. It engages in advertising in South Korea and runs giftishow – a social gift service with one of the largest market shares in South Korea.

ValueCommerce will continue to develop international services to improve corporate value and foster entry into the world market together with its partner companies. With a global perspective always paramount, ValueCommerce will also continue to provide customers with first class support for their marketing activities.

* Social gift service
This refers to a particular service whereby gifts are purchased by computer or using a smartphone and are then provided to the recipient using a social networking service or e-mail. A user purchases goods at an online store and is told about the gift on a social networking service or via a short message (SMS) or by e-mail. The recipient then visits a webpage created for the recipient and shows the page at a store or visits a delivery address to receive the gift. The service has a distinct advantage as only one party need be given the delivery address. It can also work as part of an online-to-offline (O2O) marketing system whereby a gift card is sent online and the recipient exchanges it for goods at a brick-and-mortar store.
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