Action History Information Protection Policy

What is action history information?

As used herein, the term “action history information” is information about the history of user actions including the browsing of websites or the use of applications related to the various services ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. operates (the “Company’s sites” hereafter) and information about the attributes of individuals (“action history information, etc.” hereafter) that does not make it possible to identify any specific individual.
Note that action history information is not information that in itself enables the identification of a specific individual; however, ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) will handle information that can be readily collated with other pieces of information and by doing so it is possible to identify a specific individual as personal information.

About the use of cookies

The Company uses cookies to analyze the behavior of users that visit its services to improve the convenience of its services, to measure the results of the advertisements the Company delivers, and to display content based on users. Users can disable cookies by configuring the settings of their browser software. Please check with the company that provides your browser software for more details

【Action history information, etc.】

  • (1) Website browsing history and history of user actions on the Company’s sites or applications
  • (2) Advertisement display/click history
  • (3) Product purchase history
  • (4) Information and the like concerning fields of individual interests classified by unique criteria
  • (5) Information about personal attributes or devices used

Purposes for acquiring action history information, etc.

The Company will acquire, store, and use action history information, etc. for the following purposes. In accordance with the regulations of the Company, the acquired information will not be used for any purpose other than the following.

【Purposes of use】

  • (1) Analysis of user attributes, actions, and the like
  • (2) Display of content and the like in accordance with user attributes and actions
  • (3) Measurement of effects of the Company’s services and their functions
  • (4) Development of the Company’s services and their functions
  • (5) Provision of results of the analysis to third parties and the like

Provision of action history information, etc. to third parties

The Company is entitled to provide action history information to any third party. The Company will request these third parties enter into an agreement including a non-disclosure clause with the Company or agree to regulations or other matters stipulated by the Company, and will perform the necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure the third party manages the personal information to ensure its security.

About the analysis services using action history information, etc.

The Company uses the following services to recognize and analyze the status of use of the services and websites that the Company operates, aiming at increasing and enhancing convenience. For the data collected by each analysis service, please refer to the following page:

Google Analytics

Suspension of display of content displayed on the basis of action history information, etc.

If the user does not wish for content to be displayed in the user’s web browser on the basis of the action history information, etc. the Company collects and stores, please perform the procedures described on the webpage linked to by the URL below. Note that if the procedures for suspending the display of the content are invalidated, for instance because of the deletion of cookies or changes in the settings if the user’s PC, browser or other equipment, the display of content using the action history information, etc. may be resumed.

Note that action history information, etc. obtained via the Company’s sites through SATORI, a service provided by SATORI Inc., can be excluded from the collection of action history information, etc. by opting out on the following webpage.


Suspension of targeted advertising

The Company conducts targeted advertising that displays advertising based on website browsing information and other data using the services provided by the following affiliates. If you wish to stop such advertising, suspend (opt out of) the targeted advertising for each of the affiliates’ services.

Yahoo! JAPAN
LINE Advertising
Facebook Japan K.K. (FacebookUPPA)
Facebook Japan K.K. (Instagram)
Twitter Advertising
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