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    Big Fish Games, Inc., World’s Largest Producer of Casual Games Chooses ValueCommerce for Affiliate Marketing Program

  2. Press Release

    ValueCommerce’s Affiliate Marketing Program Starts for E-Trading Comparison Web Page Newly Launched on Yahoo! JAPAN Finance on Mobile – Offering Affiliate Program for Beginner Friendly Electronic Trading Content –

  3. Press Release

    Announcement of Global Agency Partnership Between ValueCommerce and Direct Agents (USA) for Expansion of International Business

  4. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Starts Distribution of Display Advertising, “Smartphone Text” to Yahoo! Japan Shopping for Smartphones – A fixed-term and -rate ad distribution for smartphones added to the StoreMatch service –

  5. Press Release

    ValueCommerce starts Distribution of Recommendation Ads to Yahoo! Japan Shopping for Smartphones – Effective Ad Distribution According to Usage Situation –

  6. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Acquires Patent for 020 Affiliate Tracking System for NFC-enabled Mobile Terminals – It tracks Online Ad Viewer to the store with NFC-enabled Mobile Terminals – – 020 Affiliate Service Promotion –

  7. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Announces Affiliate Operation Policy – Toughening Control against Dishonest Acts to Ensure Soundness of Affiliate Services –

  8. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Adds Windows 8 App Support to Applis, Smartphone App Support Service – Number of Registered Apps Tops 1,200! Over 150 Apps Reviewed in Articles! –

  9. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Launches “Eigo Gakushu no Susume,” the Website for English Learners – Providing Tips for How to study English, such as How to find English Conversation Schools, Online English courses, Study Abroad Programs, and English textbooks –

  10. Press Release

    ValueCommerce Launches Applis, the Smartphone App Support Service – Established a Platform that Supports Both App Developers and the Media Outlets of Apps –

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