Press Release

ValueCommerce Affiliate Launches New Bounceless Measurement Function Measurement System (Patent Pending)

Jul 15th,2021
ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

 On July 14, 2021, ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Jin Kagawa; hereinafter, “ValueCommerce”) launched a bounceless measurement function for its affiliate service, which enables measurement of conversions and other data by transitioning directly to the advertiser website when an advertisement is clicked, without going through the ValueCommerce server.

 The previous system conducted the measurements required for ad delivery, including conversions, by going through the ValueCommerce server when an ad is clicked and matching it to the information when the conversion occurs (in Figure 1). The bounceless measurement function provides the same measurement accuracy as the existing system by sending click information through the advertiser site without going through the ValueCommerce server. The bounceless measurement function, which sends information to be measured via the Advertiser site, is currently patent pending (2021-112008).
 This measurement system allows users viewing the advertisements to check in advance which site they will be redirected to using the URL preview function of each browser, shortening the transition time after clicking. Currently, the function is only available when browsing on an iPhone or iPad device, or with the Safari browser.

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