Press Release

ValueCommerce Starts Linkage with a Shopify App Made in Japan For the First Time in Domestic Affiliate Programs
Expansion of Awareness in Advertisers, Support of Sales Promotion

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Jin Kagawa; hereinafter, “ValueCommerce”) is pleased to announce its linkage with “Affiliate Integrate,” a Shopify app made in Japan, which is available from the affiliate program run by the company. This linkage is the first initiative domestically. Advertisers can easily integrate ValueCommerce’s affiliate program by installing the app, enabling posts on its partner advertising network, to develop awareness of their products and services and to enhance sales promotion.

Future development
ValueCommerce will operate from the perspective of e-commerce business operators to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, it will offer suitable services to lead the affiliate industry for an attractive user experience.

ValueCommerce is a performance marketing company that uses two powerful axes, attracting customers to e-commerce sites through its affiliate network and pay-per-click advertising in the mall and sales promotions with the operation tools of e-commerce sites. It offers a one-stop solution for attracting and maintaining customers and maximizes profit of e-commerce business operators.

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