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STORE’s R∞, CRM system customized for Yahoo! Shopping Launches in Mid-September, 2016
-Stores on Yahoo! Shopping is now able to learn how serious customer is to purchase, and who is loyal or attrited-
-helps stores to build customer relationship-

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.(Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Jin Kagawa; hereinafter, “ValueCommerce”) announces that it will provide STORE’s R∞, CRM system to Yahoo! Shopping, an online mall operated by Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Representative Director and President: Manabu Miyasaka, hereinafter “Yahoo! JAPAN”) in the middle of September in 2016.


ValueCommerce customizes R∞ (, the CRM system that analyzes a customer’s purchasing and behavioral data on online stores and distributes the personalized information to each customer at appropriate timing, for Yahoo! Shopping and releases as STORE’s R∞.*1
STORE’s R∞ enables store owners to analyze customer’s behavioral data to learn whether he/she is actually considering a purchase or just collecting information about a product. Also, they can learn detailed customer segmentations such as new customers, repeaters, or loyal customers that contribute to sales. Store owners can encourage the targeted customers to purchase or revisit the store by sending information as coupons or loyalty point campaign carefully selected on the basis of such segmentations and his/her interest.

STORE’s R∞ is the very first to make it possible for Yahoo! Shopping store owners to see the detailed customer segmentations, and send the information based on the segmentations*2.

Furthermore, store owners can easily start to use STORE’s R∞ with simple steps by objectives such as to increase repeaters or encourage defecting customers to revisit.No technology development is needed to implement.
STORE’s R∞ enables stores to manage more detailed customer information and aim to build customer loyalty and prevent them from defecting.

ValueCommerce continues to support the clients to practically use customer information and maximize Life-time-value(LTV) by strengthening CRM service, mainly with R∞.

■Features of STORE’s R∞
・Needs no technology development.
・Easy to use for sending the personalized information to increase repeater or prevent defecting customers.
・Stores now can learn customers segmentations based on behavioral data, purchase history and how serious customers to buy.(customer segmentation function)
・Looking at the customer ratio, store owners can learn how many new ones become repeaters or how many are defecting.(alert function)
・At the very timing of customer’s making a new purchase or defecting, store owners can send the personalized information such as coupons.

*1 Of stores on Yahoo! Shopping, those who meet the conditions Yahoo! Shopping sets can use STORE’s R∞.
*2 Before STORE’s R∞, there was a feature for store owners to send coupon. However, they couldn’t segment customers to send or they needed to make a list created by other tools. It is the first time that Yahoo!Shopping provides and makes segmentations visible.

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