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ValueCommerce Starts Ad Distribution Service for Smartphone, “ADPRESSO”
~Pay-per-performance Internet ad distribution service enables to maximize efficiency for advertisers and profitability for publishers.~

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Jin Kagawa; hereinafter, “ValueCommerce”) announces that it launched “ADPRESSO“, ad distribution service for smartphone.


The scale of smartphone advertising market has been growing fast in Japan and has accomplished 165.2 billion yen (193.0% YoY) in 2013. It is expected to exceed 200.0 billion yen in 2014 and 300.0 billion in 2016. *1

“ADPRESSO” is pay-per-performance Internet ad distribution service for smartphone*2. It allows advertisers to choose the price models of their ad distribution to smartphones (e.g. number of clicks(CPC), number of installations(CPI), number of member registrations(CPA), etc.). As there are no initial cost and monthly charge, ADPRESSO allows advertisers to effectively distribute best matched ad with goods and services with low risk.

In addition, publishers can automatically distribute best matched ad with their media sites using ValueCommerce’s unique functions. Once publishers set ad distribution space on their media sites, ADPRESSO analyze the media’s characteristics and distribute the most suitable ad to the media sites.

It enables to maximize efficiency for advertisers and profitability for publishers.

*1  Jointly examined by CyberZ and Seed Planning, Inc.
*2  Ads are partially distributed to PC sites


  • This report  was  originally  prepared  by  the  company  in  Japanese.  The  English  translation  is  for  your  reference  only.  To  the  ex tent  there  is  any discrepancy between this English translation and the original Japanese report, the Japanese report will prevail.

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