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ValueCommerce and O2O Solution Studio of Hakuhodo DY Group Jointly Develop O2O Must-Buy Affiliate that Expands Advertisers’ Usage of Affiliates Range of Offers Expanded to Actual Sales of Products at Real Stores

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. and the O2O Solution Studio of the Hakuhodo DY Group, a cross-group organization of the Hakuhodo DY Holdings Group, announced today that they have jointly developed and will start providing O2O Must-Buy Affiliate, a new service that broadens the usage of affiliate ads to actual sales of products at retail stores on streets, in addition to the E-comemrce.


O2O Must-Buy Affiliate realizes a CPA ads based on actual purchase at retail stores on streets through must-buy campaigns*1 by using the domestic patent granted jointly by ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. and HAKUHODO Inc. (Patent No.: Patent 5355198; Name of invention: Computing method for real store affiliate system).

A user visits a must-buy campaign website via an affiliate banner shown at an affiliate. At the campaign site user recognizes the product and the must-buy campaign. The user then purchases the product at a retail store and scans the QR code on its package by using a cell phone camera to apply for the campaign at a dedicated site for cell phones. Alternately, the user can apply for the campaign at a dedicated website for PCs by entering the serial number indicated on the product package. This system lets the advertiser identify the number of applications made for the campaign at each of the websites at which they place affiliate ads by, for instance, checking the history of users’ access to Internet ads and the special website, information entered in prior registrations, and application information. The advertiser pays CPA to websites at which they placed ads based on the number of applications for the campaign made via the ad placed at each site.

Use of this service informs advertisers of the cost-effectiveness of their in-store must-buy campaigns on a website-to-website basis, expanding their utilization of affiliates. The service also enables implementation of must-buy campaigns by using both real stores and EC sites. It lets advertisers offer a wide variety of gifts including not only goods and services but also points and digital contents such as image, video, and music files. Moreover, all advertisers need to do is to print QR codes or serial numbers on product packages; they do not need to install reader terminals in stores. Consumers can save the trouble of having to write required information on postcards or cut off a part of the product package, attach it as the proof of purchase, and send it, which would be required by conventional must-buy campaigns.

In recent years, the diversification of communication devices has brought increased attention on O2O*2, a new marketing method that combines consumers’ behavior on the Internet and their purchasing behavior in the real world. This service has been created in response to such movement. ValueCommerce and the Hakuhodo DY Group will continue to work together to promote O2O businesses that combine online and offline action history and purchase history.

*1 Must-buy campaign – A type of sales promotional campaign in which purchase of a product is required for application
*2 O2O – Online to Offline, which means linking between Internet and the real world based on the concept that online (behavior and information on the internet) influences offline (behavior in the real world including stores)
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