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ValueCommerce Begins Offering Affiliate Program for Sending Customers to Stores through Coordination between ValueCommerce Affiliate and the Wazoo E-Ticket Issuance System – Achieving Online-to-Offline (O2O) in an Affiliate Service! –

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
Wazoo Inc.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (ValueCommerce) and Wazoo Inc. (Wazoo) announced the launch of an affiliate program for sending customers to stores (real affiliate service) for Wazoo’s e-ticket issuance system.

The service is implemented at major outlets of outdoor sporting goods importer and retailer A&F starting August 1.

The affiliate program for sending customers to stores (real affiliate service) for the e-ticket issuance system involves affiliate partners informing users about e-ticket-related campaigns (leading them to advertiser sites) using email, banner ads, and so on. By displaying issued e-tickets on the screens of their mobile phones or tablets, or by printing the tickets and presenting them at stores or event venues, users can engage in e-ticket scan-based acceptance at stores or event venues through smartphone or tablet-based apps. What’s more, contingent fees are generated for affiliate partners whenever one of these users shops at the store or visits the venue.

The e-ticket issuance system service can be easily launched without the need for special scanning terminals or dedicated systems by simply scanning QR codes through a dedicated smartphone or tablet application. The QR codes support smartphones, feature phones, tablets and printed formats.

In addition, to celebrate the introduction of the e-ticket issuance system at A&F, a campaign offering 10% off LODGE products exclusively to customers who visit with e-tickets has been launched at major A&F Country stores.

What is a Real Affiliate Advertising?
Real affiliate advertising differs from conventional affiliate advertising for which contingent fees (advertising expenses) arise in exchange for material requests or product purchasing on the web. A real affiliate service is a type of advertising service in which contingent fees arise in exchange for actions such as store, showroom and event venue visits and purchases at real stores. Real affiliate advertising is a real-world application of the affiliate approach that had hitherto been restricted to cyberspace. It is considered an extremely cost-effective advertising service because advertisers pay ad rates based on the degree to which their objectives, including visits and purchases by customers, are achieved.

Affiliate Program for Sending Customers to Stores – Outline:
The affiliate program for sending customers to stores being offered on a joint basis by ValueCommerce and Wazoo is a promotional program designed to send affiliate site viewers and users registered as members on credit card and airline point sites to advertiser stores and event venues (patent pending). Through the program, it is also possible to encourage users to visit actual stores using the granting of points as an incentive. In the A&F campaign, a strong motivation from “store visit to purchase” is generated by enabling the use of discount coupons as well as returning a portion of contingent fees to users in the form of points.

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