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ValueCommerce Announces Introduction of Executive Officer System and New Officers

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. today announces that a meeting of its Board of Directors held on March 26, 2012 resolved to make changes to its team of officers and to introduce an executive officer system.
The Company is a company with auditors, and its auditors monitor business execution. To further enhance corporate governance, the Company has decided to introduce an executive officer system to separate execution and oversight, accelerate decision making, achieve efficient business execution, and cultivate successors. Details are as follows:

  1. Directors
    Representative Director Yoichi Iizuka
    Director Yoshio Fujimura
    Director Keiji Tsuchida
  2. Statutory Auditors
    Standing Statutory Auditor Takahito Goto (new assignment)
    Statutory Auditor Osamu Nakamoto (new assignment)
    Statutory Auditor Shingo Yoshii
    Statutory Auditor Hirofumi Yoshida

    The four statutory auditors above are outside statutory auditors as stipulated in Article 2, Item 16 of the Companies Act.

  3. Executive Officers
    President Yoichi Iizuka
    Executive Vice President & CFO Yoshio Fujimura
    Executive Vice President Keiji Tsuchida
    Executive Officer and General Manager of Sales Group Yasutaka Kai (new assignment)
    Executive Officer & General Manager of Corporate Administration Group Harutoshi Terashita (new assignment)
    Executive Officer & General Manager of Sales Division Akihito Okano (new assignment)
  4. Executive Officers’ Biographies
    Name Yoichi Iizuka
    Birth date March 24 1949
    Biography Apr. 1973: Sumitomo Corporation, Tokyo Financial Dept.
    Oct. 1985: Sumitomo France S.A., Manager of Machinery & Electronics Dept.
    Sep. 1994: Sumitomo Corporation, General Manager of Jeddah Representative Office (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
    Jun. 1996: Deputy General Manager of Project Finance Dept. in Tokyo
    Jun. 1999: Japan Satellite Systems Inc. (currently SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation)
    Jun. 2000: JSAT Corporation, Executive Officer, Finance & Accounting Div.
    Jun. 2003: Director of the Board & Senior Executive Officer
    Mar. 2008: Space Communications Corporation (currently SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation), Director of the Board & Chief Financial Officer
    Jun. 2008: SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc., Director of the Board
    Oct. 2008: SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, Director of the Board & Senior Executive Vice President
    Jul. 2009: Representative of OFFICE IIZUKA (current post)
    Mar. 2011: BJM International Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Board (current post)
    Mar. 2011: ValueCommerce Co., Ltd., President & CEO (current post)
    Name Yoshio Fujimura
    Birth date February 19, 1948
    Biography Apr. 1966: Sumitomo Corporation, Osaka Accounting Dept.
    May 1986: Sumitomo Corporation of America, Assistant to G.M., Seattle Office
    May 1996: Vice President & Assistant to CFO, San Francisco Office
    Jun. 2002: SC ComTex, Inc. (currently SCSK Corporation), Managing Director & General Manager, Accounting & Credit Controlling Div.
    Feb. 2003: Sumisho Electronics Co., Ltd. (currently SCSK Corporation), Corporate Officer, Deputy G.M., Administration Div. & G.M., Treasury & Accounting
    May 2005: United Cinemas Co., Ltd., Director, General Administration & Treasury Dept.
    Jul. 2009: Marc Jacobs Japan K.K., Auditor
    Jul. 2009: Lancel Japan Limited, Auditor
    Mar. 2011: ValueCommerce Co., Ltd., CFO (current post)
    Nov. 2011: ValueCommerce Korea Limited, Director of the Company (current post)
    Name Keiji Tsuchida
    Birth date August 12, 1959
    Biography Apr. 1983: Joins The Sumitomo Bank, Limited (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation).
    Nov. 1999: Deputy Manager of Hong Kong Branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    Feb. 2005: Joins Yahoo Japan Corporation.
    Apr. 2006: Yahoo Japan Corporation, General Manager, Corporate Strategy Division. (current post)
    Mar. 2008: ValueCommerce Co., Ltd., Director (current post)
    Mar. 2012: Yahoo Japan Corporation, Assistant to CFO (current post)
    Name Yasutaka Kai
    Birth date March 25, 1972
    Biography Apr. 1990: Joins Ferro Enamels (Japan) Limited (currently Tokan Material Technology Co., Ltd.)
    Apr. 1993: Joins Fujitaka Corporation.
    Aug. 2000: Joins ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
    Mar. 2002: Joins Prime Systems Corporation.
    Jan. 2004: Joins ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
    Apr. 2006: ValueCommerce Co., Ltd., EC Account Team Manager of Project Planning Dept.
    Nov. 2007: Vice-President of Consulting Division.
    Jan. 2009: Senior Vice-President of Consulting Division.
    Jul. 2011: General Manager of Sales Group. (current post)
    Name Harutoshi Terashita
    Birth date November 26, 1963
    Biography Mar. 1988: Joins K.K. Iitoyo.
    Apr. 1992: K.K. Iitoyo, Manager, Apparel Section, SS Operation Dept.
    Oct. 1995: Joins Auto Wave Co., Ltd.
    Oct. 1997: Auto Wave Co., Ltd., Assistant Manager, Human Resources Dept., General Affairs & Human Resources Div.
    Nov. 2006: ValueCommerce Co., Ltd., General Affairs Manager of General Affairs Dept.
    Dec. 2010: General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Dept. (currently Human Resources Dept)
    Jul. 2011: General Manager of Corporate Administration Group. (current post)
    Name Akihito Okano
    Birth date June 19, 1970
    Biography Apr. 1993: Joins Toyota Corolla Shin-Saitama Co., Ltd.
    May 1995: Joins Shuneikan Co., Ltd.
    Jun. 2000: Joins City Cable Net, Inc.
    Aug. 2003: Joins ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
    Apr. 2006: ValueCommerce Co., Ltd., M1 Account Team Manager of Project Planning Dept.
    Nov. 2007: Vice-President of Media Business Development Dept.
    Jul. 2008: General Manager of Finance Business Sales Dept.
    Jul. 2011: General Manager of Sales Division. (current post)
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