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ValueCommerce Starts Offering the VC Report App —Track your results anytime, anywhere—

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of its VC Report smartphone app.

Through the ValueCommerce Affiliate Service, it has only been possible to check click-through count, order count, and other reports on a per-site basis. The VC Report smartphone app allows you to track the combined information of multiple registered sites under a single login ID.
A detailed description of the app is available here:

Downloading the VC Report app will allow you to do the following:
Point 1: Check reports any time, even when out in the field
Point 2: You can display combined reports for all your registered sites!
Naturally, you can view reports for individual sites as well.
Point 3: Simple tab-based switching!

Graph Displays and Numerical Data
images: Graph Displays and Numerical Data (the VC Report App)

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