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ValueCommerce Begins Affiliate Support for Smart4me — Now even beginners can easily become smartphone affiliates —

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. today announced that it has begun affiliate support for Smart4me, a service offered by Climarks Inc.

Smart4me is a world-first web service that allows users to easily create and publish websites optimized for smartphones such as iPhone*1 and Android*2 free of charge. Even users without any programming knowledge can create smartphone sites using the intuitive controls. With social media integration available, users are only limited by their imaginations.


While ValueCommerce already offers affiliate support for smartphone sites, since the creation and publishing of such sites on the premise of operating as a smartphone affiliate has required a unique set of expertise and technologies, in practice the hurdles have been high.
Through this latest initiative, users can more easily carry out the series of tasks from smartphone site creation, through publishing, to the placement of affiliate ads. This means that even beginners can quickly get started as smartphone affiliates.

*1 “iPhone” is trademark of Apple Inc.
*2 “Android” is trademark of Google Inc.

[ Climarks Inc. ]

Climarks is a company engaged in web consulting, creation and system building whose clientele includes leading global companies. As well as offering the free smart4me website creation service, Climarks has also launched smart4me Business Edition as a paid plan geared towards businesses.

[ ValueCommerce Co., Ltd ]

ValueCommerce, founded in 1999 in Tokyo and headed by President & CEO Yoichi Iizuka , shapes clients’ e-commerce strategies through online consulting services, affiliate marketing and search marketing.
Through these service areas, we help our customers build online sales channels, drive revenue growth and optimize their online marketing performances.

[ ValueCommerce Affiliate Program ]

Over 84,6000 media partner are participating in the ValueCommerce performance based affiliate program. (As of Oct 2011)

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