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ValueCommerce Starts Offering the VC Smartphone Module — A module for smartphones that automatically updates Yahoo! Shopping product information —

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. started offering the VC Smartphone Module.

The VC Smartphone Module is a module which automatically updates Yahoo! Shopping product information. Developers can select from among three variations, a ranking module, an image-enabled module (small / large) and a fixed image-enabled module (small / medium / large), and place the modules on websites optimized for iPhone™ and Android™ smartphones.

While ValueCommerce already offers image and text-based ads for smartphones, by using the VC Smartphone Module, affiliate partners will be able to deploy smartphone advertising in a form that closely resembles content.

Ranking moduleImage-Enabled Module, Fixed Image-Enabled Module

*1 “iPhone” is trademark of Apple Inc.
*2 “Android” is trademark of Google Inc.

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