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So-net Point Shopping Participates in the Listing Ad Service cau1Ads

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

The listing ad service, cau1Ads, provided jointly by Cau-ichi Co., Ltd. and ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. will distribute ads to So-net Point Shopping operated by So-net Entertainment Corporation.

As a listing ad service, cau1Ads started in December 2010 and places ads (pay-per-click ads) on the item search result screen of livedoor BOOKS, a livedoor department operated by Cau-ichi, and other screens.
With this service, tenants of the livedoor department are advertisers. ValueCommerce provides systems for the delivery of ads and the management screen.
With the participation of So-net Point Shopping, advertisers will be able to target a wide range of So-net points users.

So-net point shopping

[ Cau-ichi Co., Ltd. ]

Cau-ichi Co., Ltd. operates an online shopping mall business, direct marketing, especially of books, and services for tenants. Cau-ichi aims to become a comprehensive online shopping supplier, providing online shopping services exceeding the industry standards, building high-value-added services, and consistently satisfying tenants and customers.

[ ValueCommerce Co., Ltd ]

ValueCommerce, founded in 1999 in Tokyo and headed by President & CEO Yoichi Iizuka , shapes clients’ e-commerce strategies through online consulting services, affiliate marketing and search marketing.
Through these service areas, we help our customers build online sales channels, drive revenue growth and optimize their online marketing performances.

[ ValueCommerce Affiliate Program ]

Over 83,1000 media partner are participating in the ValueCommerce performance based affiliate program. (As of June 2011)

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