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ValueCommerce Introduces Upgraded Budgeting Features Empowering Automation of Merchant Spend Management

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd, a pioneer in Japanese online marketing, e-commerce and affiliate services, today announced the release of advanced budget management options giving merchants finer control over how their budgets*1 are spent across campaigns, offers and commission types.

These upgrades negate the need for constant campaign monitoring, making it possible for merchants participating in the ValueCommerce Affiliate and Shoppers Club*2 Programs to achieve their sales and promotional goals without overspending.

New features:

  • Deep management of budget allocation across campaigns, offers and commission types
  • Merchant email alerts when campaign and offer spends near limits
  • Automatic hibernation of promotions, pausing of ad serving and CPC charge prevention when budget caps have been reached
  • Partner functions to control alternative ad placement during paused promotions
  • Continued partnerships during hibernation and automatic restart of ad serving after budget adjustments are made

*1 Budget caps are click and order based
*2 Shoppers Club is a ValueCommerce service providing cash back to partners for purchases and other actions

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