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Cell Phone Camera Photo of Product Links to Vendor Site Evryx Japan’s ShaLink Collaborates with Web Services of ValueCommerce.

evryx japan
ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

Evryx Japan and ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. have agreed to partner ShaLink, an image search technology and service that Evryx has developed, with the Web services of ValueCommerce to launch the world’s largest product search service for cell phones. The service will enable users to search for products using photographs of the product taken with a cell phone camera and then link to a site that sells the product in the image.

With ShaLink, the cell phone will display vendor sites registered with ValueCommerce Web services and show product prices. Users simply need to take a photo of the product they are looking for, look up product information, compare selling prices, and purchase the product.

Launched today, the service will handle over five million product items offered by major e-commerce operators such as Yahoo! Shopping and TSUTAYA online. This makes it the world’s largest product search service using images commercialized for cell phone use.

* We are offering the full text of this press release in Japanese.

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