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ValueCommerce Begins Offering Affiliate Program for Sending Customers to Stores That Takes Advantages of the Edy Paradise Points Site for Edy

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (ValueCommerce) today announced the launch of an affiliate program for sending customers to stores (real affiliate service), which takes advantage of Edy Paradise, a points site for Edy, a type of electronic money, in cooperation with Digital Advertising Consortium Inc. (D.A. Consortium) and bitWallet, Inc. (bitWallet). The three partners will launch this service at major outlets belonging to the Eyecity chain of specialized contact lens shops on June 1, 2009.

Real Affiliate Service Linked to Consumer Actions at Real Stores

Real affiliate advertising differs from conventional affiliate advertising for which contingent fees (advertising expenses) arise in exchange for material requests or membership registration on the web. A real affiliate service is a type of advertising service in which contingent fees arise in exchange for actions such as showroom visits and purchases at real stores. Real affiliate advertising is a real-world application of the affiliate approach that had hitherto been restricted to cyberspace. It is considered an extremely cost-effective advertising service because advertisers pay ad rates based on the degree to which their objectives, including visits and purchases by customers, are achieved.

Focusing on the potential of real affiliate advertising, D.A. Consortium, bitWallet and ValueCommerce jointly developed the affiliate program for sending customers to stores, a real affiliate service for 150,000 Edy Paradise service members.

* We are offering the full text of this press release in Japanese.

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