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ValueCommerce Launches Movalue Affiliate Service for Mobile Phone Sites

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Stock Code: 2491, Chairman & CEO: Brian Nelson, ValueCommerce) is pleased to announce its October 7, 2008, launch of the Movalue affiliate service for mobile phone sites, offering improved convenience to a broad array of e-commerce sites (advertisers) and media (affiliate partners).

“ValueCommerce launched Japan’s first affiliate service in 1999. In 2002, its system was expanded to support affiliate services for mobile phones. In recent years, e-commerce sites and affiliate partners using our services have made a large number of requests to us for services designed exclusively for affiliate programs for mobile phones,” explains Brian Nelson, Chairman & CEO of ValueCommerce.

“We are commencing the Movalue service, an affiliate service optimized for mobile phone sites. Capitalizing on ValueCommerce’s expertise, the service provides support for links to individual products, along with other features. Our existing services for mobile phones will be continued in the foreseeable future while they are successively shifted to Movalue.”

  • Features of Movalue (for e-commerce sites/advertisers)
  • Support for links to individual products, effective for product promotion
  • Separate reward settings for specific media and specific product groups
  • Budget limit setting
  • Support for unique user check
  • Support for systems-based management of ad-placement schedules
  • Media approach using e-mail network
  • Support for incentive point programs
  • Media examination by dedicated staff
  • Initial cost: 50,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Monthly subscription: 40,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Commission: Variable with performance-based reward
  • Features of Movalue (for affiliate partners)
  • Control screen accessible to both PCs and mobile phones, plus rich reporting
  • Three carriers covered by a single ad tag
  • Real-time editing of ad tags
  • Support for links to individual products
  • Support for incentive point programs
  • Usage is free of charge. Reward rates start from 1,000 yen with ValueCommerce covering the bank transfer fee.
  • E-mail support available

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