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ValueCommerce Launches Affiliate Program for Mobile Yahoo! Shopping

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Stock Code: 2491, Chairman and CEO: Brian Nelson, ValueCommerce) has launched an affiliate program for mobile terminals on November 29, 2007, to accompany the comprehensive revamp and re-launch of the Internet shopping mall Yahoo! Shopping, provided by Yahoo Japan Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Inoue, Yahoo! JAPAN).

This new affiliate program makes it possible for affiliate partners registered with ValueCommerce to affiliate with Mobile Yahoo! Shopping, and to insert affiliate advertisements on their mobile site. In response to the requests of its affiliate partners, Yahoo! JAPAN is particularly focusing this full re-launch on improving the mobile shopping site as well as introducing an affiliate program for mobile terminals.

[ Yahoo! JAPAN ]
Yahoo! JAPAN is a comprehensive portal site, operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation (Market: First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange/JASDAQ, Stock code: 4689, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Date founded: January 31, 1996, President and CEO: Masahiro Inoue). It serves approximately 48.26 million unique customers per month (*1) with user access of 1.6 billion page views per day (*2). It provides a vast array of services, such as search, content, communities, commerce, and mobile access.

(*1) Based on data from Nielsen//NetRatings “NetView AMS JP” from September 2007 indicating that the viewing rate from home is 88.6% and that from offices is 91.7%, Internet users from home or offices were defined as approximately 54,34 million users (“Internet Basic Research Survey”, NetRatings Japan). The number of unique Yahoo! JAPAN customers was calculated using these figures.
(*2) For page views, previously the number of distributions from the Web server was measured and these values were used. Since March 2007, however, the number of page displays on browsers has been measured by CSC and these values are now being used.

[ ValueCommerce ]
ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market, Code No: 2491, Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Founded on March 12th, 1996. Chairman & CEO: Brian Nelson), is distributing online advertisements and providing consulting services for companies conducting e-business.

[ ValueCommerce Affiliate Program ]
ValueCommerce provides a powerful performance-based affiliate marketing platform with over 1,600 screened EC sites (advertisers) and 510,000 screened media sites (affiliate partners)

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