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ValueCommerce has gone public with a listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

CEO Message

I am delighted to announce that ValueCommerce has gone public today with a listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market.

Although this is only one step in the company’s future, this is a significant step as everyone’s support and efforts over the years have enabled us to achieve this. Together we have built a strong business that is based on the success of our large and small/medium customers. We have grown to become one of the largest internet sales and marketing companies in Japan and we will continue to provide high quality services.

As the leader in affiliate marketing in Japan, we have been providing high end consulting services to large corporate customers, as well as, ASP services for small/medium EC Sites. We have built a network of media partner sites which now display over 600 million ads per day (as of April 2006), creating one of Japan’s most powerful online sales and marketing channels.

We have an aggressive vision and strategy to become a global leader in online sales and marketing space. Through investment in technology and highly talented staff, we will continue to provide high quality support, as well as, new services that allow our customers to succeed in e-commerce and outdo their competition.

We look forward to building continued success for all of our stockholders, customers, partners, and making positive impact on the society.

Brian Nelson
President and CEO
ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

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