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ValueCommerce launches a service to monitor and control expressions used in affiliate ads, protecting consumers and advertisers’ brands from exaggerated or inaccurate expressions.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Stock Code: 2491 on TSE Mothers, President & CEO: Brian Nelson) is pleased to announce the launch of the ValueCommerce Media Management Service. Designed to ensure the accuracy of descriptions of advertisers’ products and services displayed on media operated by affiliate partners and to protect consumers and advertisers’ brands from exaggerated or inaccurate expressions, this service includes periodic retrievals of descriptions from the websites of all affiliate partners that have ties with their respective advertisers, keyword searches, the dispatch of emails asking for revisions to expressions and checks on the status of modifications to affiliated media.

The affiliate network continues to expand in sync with the growth of blogs and other consumer generated media (CGM). Some advertisers have affiliations with an enormous number of website partners, ranging from the thousands to the tens of thousands. To protect consumers, however, advertisers must ask for corrections to be made to any overstatement or incorrect expression found in affiliated media. In addition, advertisers must control the content of individual affiliated media to take advantage of affiliate marketing while protecting their own brands and intellectual property rights.

The ValueCommerce Media Management Service is powered by a dedicated program that performs automated periodic visits to media affiliated with advertisers, retrieving content from all over the hierarchical website structure and automatically creating indices of keywords that constitute individual websites. Combined with consulting by experienced staff that centers on the keyword selection made by separate advertisers, it conducts a search using expressions undesirable to advertisers as keywords and identifies any expression that should be modified. In place of advertisers, it issues requests to affiliated media containing inaccurate descriptions for alteration and controls subsequent developments.

The ValueCommerce Media Management Service is offered at no extra charge to advertisers that sign up for ValueCommerce’s consulting services. ValueComerce is studying the possibility of integrating the service interface into the affiliate service control screen that is accessible to advertisers.

In offering the ValueComerce Media Management Service to advertisers, ValueCommerce will protect consumers, preventing them from being misled by inaccurate expressions continuously displayed by affiliated partners. It will also reduce risks for advertisers, encouraging them to introduce affiliate marketing.

Examples of use:
– Since the amended Moneylending Control Law has been introduced, the consumer finance industry must quickly revise the descriptions displayed in affiliated media in accordance with possible changes in interest rates and terms of service.
– Mail order businesses dealing in health food and cosmetic products are subject to restrictions on expressions under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and other statutes.

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